Sports Fans

Today’s fans are not the ordinary television watching fans, they have changed into someone more than just spectators, they want more exposure, better access and a more universal experience associated with a sporting event and sports celebrities. Two eyes solution for better engagement of fans is simple i.e. better and easy access and communication between a celebrity and his fans. A term sports promoter has been introduced by Two Eyes to increase a fan’s yearning for better connectivity. The sports fans are engaged and attracted to a sporting event when they’re given better internet access and network connectivity on the floor. Also the sports fans are attracted by using the internet rather than any other medium for reaching out to the fans. Publicity, tickets, backstage passes, information etc. all are made accessible on the internet and used to attract the fans.

Also Two Eyes solution for sporting fans include the use of bigger starts and using multi channel technologies to inculcate mobility, fan’s loyalty and collaboration in the whole setup. Currently, the most revenue making sporting events are those which have stars that connect to the fans, have a media presence and who do not shy away from being in direct contact with fans.

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