By Sport

Not all the sports are equally affected by the phenomena of unified communication and integrated communication setup of Two Eyes. It has been observed that those sports, sports celebrities and sports publishers are more successful in today’s world that have a social media presence and who keep in touch with their fans through the internet, predominantly. The world has been revolutionized by the internet and the networking capacity of the sporting industry and many sports have been changed into a multibillion- dollar companies, and it is the onus of the celebrities and their publishers.

Two Eyes strategies target sports to use its well known faces in order to attract fans and eventually lead to better revenue generation. Many sports use the social media and the World Wide Web with designated websites to not only defined sports but also its celebrities. The prime and well-known examples of this are football and wrestling, where simple competitive sports has been changed into the most watched sport in the world and where its well-known faces are used in revenue generation and garnering more fans by using the social media and television for publicity purposes. All sporting events can be made successful by using unified communication strategies for making and attracting fans.

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