Broadcasting Solutions

In ancient times, the people weren’t well connected and the association between different parts of the world was feeble at best. The only sources of information for people were radio, newspaper and television, this resulted in the flow of information to be stagnant, fallacious and prone to be erroneous and it disconnected the world. With technology advancement, the medium of information gathering and information imparting also changed its face with revolutions in the broadcasting industry. Two Eyes have strategies and designated policies targeting the broadcasting methodology i.e. by using smart phones to get sporting notifications, equipping the gadget for online streaming, and audio video conferencing, real time messaging and information sharing.

Today the medium of information receiving, processing, storing and imparting has been changed into swift, seamless, error-free and remote accessible. Two Eyes policies aim at providing the best broadcasting solution in the form of internet and social media instead of age-old technology.

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